URGENT: Community Composting is slated to be cut from DSNY’s budget. Please sign the Save Community Composting petition here.


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EPA Wasted Food Scale

“The Wasted Food Scale prioritizes actions that prevent and divert wasted food from disposal. EPA developed the Wasted Food Scale based on the findings of its  2023 report From Field to Bin: The Environmental Impacts of U.S. Food Waste Management Pathways. This report assesses 11 common pathways for managing wasted food in the U.S. based on their environmental impacts and potential contributions to a circular economy. “



Ways to Compost in Queens

(1) Curbside Organics Collection

Curbside Composting is expanding to ALL NYC residents:

Service is currently available in select Community Boards in the Bronx and Manhattan, and ALL Brooklyn and Queens residents.

For more information, visit DSNY’s Queens Composting Page. For other resources related to organic waste including drop-off sites, signage, leaf collection, and more, visit this DSNY page.

(2) Public Food Scrap Drop-Off Sites

Find a Smart Composting Bin or community composting drop-off site near you.

Use the map below to locate find a food scrap drop-off near you! Please check site information for operation hours and to learn about what is accepted and what is not before going to the site.



Smart Composting Bins are located throughout the city.  These bins are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using a free, simple app.


(3) Compost at home!

Get resources on how to start indoor or outdoor composting at home on DSNY’s website.


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