This page will be added to as we learn of green, sustainable, and zero-waste businesses in Queens and across the City that we want to encourage residents, commercial entities, and the public sector to support.

Food + Hospitality Service

Jars of Delight – Started by Dianna Rose, this catering and food prep company uses locally sourced food, reusable mason jars, and composts all food waste.

Cup Zero – Michael Cyr is a waste industry expert based in New York City. Through years in the commercial hauling industry he has learned the ins, outs, and limitations of diversion as we know it. He is now an operations consultant specializing in waste reduction and is also the founder of Cup Zero – Reusable Customized Event Cups. He provides recyclable, branded cups for event producers and offers talks about sustainability to industry partners.

Sustainable Services + Consulting

Loop Recycling – Certified MBE established in 2013, Loops R+R began as a pilot program aimed at helping communities increase recycling & sustainability efforts. Since then Loops has created local jobs, positively impacted residential, commercial, and community spaces. As the future of the environment continues to rapidly change, the challenge posed on society is to make more sustainable decisions that allow the world to adapt to the ever-changing climate. Loops R+R will continue to focus on assisting citizens, businesses and brands in creating sustainable solutions that have long term, positive global impacts.

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